Monday, May 11, 2015

Why can't we just see our own beauty?

I don't often write full blogs; today I feel I will take a stab at it. A few weeks ago I photographed a group of women but not only that, they were a group of amazing, beautiful, capable and confident women; they have bore and raised children, they have experienced impactful woman changing events in life; maybe good while some maybe not so good yet stronger from each struggle or triumph.

Each lady, I tell you, is amazingly beautiful; even more than the average by worldly standards.  Not only that but as I know them; they are even more deeply wonderful in their souls and hearts. 

As I photographed them, each was incredibly hard on herself individually whilst praising the other women and their 'strengths'. We, as women, often see our 'weaknesses' as others' appearance 'strengths'.  We find praising others as a positive but as a onlooker the doubt in their own beauty was so very frustrating to me because I, like the others, saw their undeniable beauty. As a photographer, I want to take a photo that makes a person feel beautiful and confident; it is the best compliment one can get, to know their client feels truly happy with the end result.  As a female, I understand the struggle of the world and social media and feeling the need to be size zero with the perfect symmetrical face with perfectly plucked eye brows with hair of a super model while portraying the shape of a Heidi Klum, blah blah blah...

After all, how boring would the world be if we all looked alike?

Ladies, I ask you all to take a moment and step back... look at yourself in all your beauty and remember that God made each part of you just perfectly for you.  Psalm 139:13-14 reads, 'For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.'

With that said, I must admit, that day wasn't easy for me either, for I see my legs, my arms, my large body type, etc. as weaknesses of my own outward appearance while others might see them as positively beautiful! My day was crazy and I showed up to take the photos but also be in them with no make up or hair done :) but it was my fault I didn't get it done therefore I had no right to complain.
I also want to thank these ladies that day for the lesson in beauty and what I need to see in myself; God made me wonderfully and perfect, just as He did each and every one reading this!

As a photographer in my small town, I so often hear women say, 'I really want to get pictures done but let me lose 10 pounds first' in which I reply each and every time, "do you think when you are gone your kids will look at those photos and think 'gosh, mom needed to lose 10 pounds?'" Absolutely not.
I once knew and got to love for a short time, a girl of the name Alex Ellis... Alex truly embodied opposite all of the frustrations I have here; she may have had flaws in her mind but never once complained or brought them into conversation, better yet; I brought the topic up a few times :) I was always jealous of her positive outlook on bodies and looks albeit she was also above average to the worldly standards; she was simply stunning, from her beautiful legs to gorgeous blonde hair and blew the standards out of the water when you got to know her heart and kind nature.  Girls that beautiful just aren't suppose to be that kind.  Al is gone now and quite possibly the most beautiful angel in Heaven but what I would give for some of her kind words and uplifting spirit on many days.

Now, after that verbal cluster... my entire reason for the blog; a youtube video that I think is so powerful and quite simply genius! It really tells all my run-ons and unconnecting thoughts so beautifully! Once again, well done dove and your beauty campaign. 
After watching the video, go check out and all of the fabulous and BEAUTIFUL women that make up the site, some of which are even the family & friends of Alex Ellis.

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