Friday, August 26, 2011

Just a little thing we like to call Love. 

The very last day of unwedded life... the rehearsal.  

Dad :) 

Swim Party for Emma turning FIVE! 
My oldest Nephew, Will
Second oldest, Nick
Crosby, my youngest Nephew
Birthday Girl... Emma!

This is Quincy... a little beautiful blue eyed fire ball :) 

Well, Here is my niece, Milly's very first photo shoot shots! She's quite the natural... can play asleep, awake & smile all in the same session... Enjoy her! 

Yes, She's already a fan. She wants to marry Josh Hamilton's youngest kid. 

Well Bloggers, I am proud to introduce you to my new and possible last niece, Milly Quin Cartwright. 
She's just perfect and these pictures not only portray a super cute family but they are dead on correct. 
Congrats Missy (&Good Work!), Cody & Big Bro Crosby.
I love you Dearly.
He is a Super Brother & will protect her FOREVER!

My Absolute Fave. He had lots & lots of questions.

I know, she looks like a baby... but she's our baby. 

That's me... the proud Aunt! 

Dad... Have fun with having a girl! :)

There's only so much baby time a boy can have... Then it's back to cars

Just cuz.... i like it.
This is my twin sister & brother and me... just missing the oldest; 4 in all!

There's something about a mom/daughter duo that is just fun.  Maybe it's that girls are just MORE FUN! Here's Kim & Callie... we went out to the rodeo arena and had some fun!