Friday, May 18, 2012

The Olson Clan! Such a fun family.  We battled some wind but they were troopers of course and we got some good stuff :)  The quintessential happy farm fam. 

Had a quick short fun session with Tim & Julie to get a good shot of them with the cows :) 

I really liked these two models. 

There is something serene within these photos and this experience for me as a person & photographer.  So many times a photo shoot ends up being a big hustle and bustle to get as many different shots with at least some artsy twist that there isn't time to slow down and enjoy it like I should.  This experience was the opposite; Jack is a farmer that turns 90 this month and still spends his days on a tractor or driving around the pasture checking on his beloved cattle among many other tasks that the everyday farmer must do.  
He is as sharp as a tack and remembers the slightest of details and memories.  He is a guy that can be anyones g-pa within 5 or so minutes.  We got to take a few simple shots with a few of his favorite things... I hope you like seeing these photos half as much as I loved taking them. 

Here are a few favorites from my 2012 Seniors... Remarkable kids that seem to be quite ready to conquer their world.... I have total faith in them. 

Kramer... GHS

Brandy... GHS

Jonathan... THS

Kaysha... GHS

Madison... GHS

Taylor... GHS

Whitney found her prince! It has been fun to watch college friends move along, get hitched, start families and all that good stuff... but the best is when I get to snap the pictures... 
Here is my friend Whitney & her man Garrett. 
Ohh... & we battled 40 mph wind!!