Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Cruz Family

They had a wedding, family pictures, pictures with grandpa, pregnancy pictures & whatever else we could come up with! These kids had a long day and they couldn't have been any better! 
Great kids are a God send on a photographer :) We absolutely understand when one doesn't quite like our ideas and what is going on but sometimes they are completely on board and it becomes so much fun! Thank you Cruz family for traveling to Spearman and trusting me to capture you and your beautiful kids; I love them.

This family session has been a long time coming; through schedules, kids being sick, crazy lives, etc; Miranda and I have talked about doing this for years :) 
But one Sunday afternoon, we did it!! It was such a great day; Tuff wasn't too excited about the idea but we got what we needed :) 
This family is so beautiful and I am so very happy that they are Gruverites! 
I guess someday it won't be weird to take kids pictures that I went to school with their parents but until then, I just can't believe we are so old!