Monday, October 5, 2009


This little bombshell is Saxie Ralston! She was a blast and stole the show at this photo shoot! The occasion was her 6th birthday; 6 going on 18 :)
We had a great backyard to work with and I hope you enjoy seeing how she worked her little magic!

Friday, October 2, 2009

New Addition to the Wilhelm Family

Meet Claire Wilhelm... She is the newest addition to Jason, Mallorie and Tate.  
This was a fun, stress-free shoot! Thanks for being so open to whatever guys :)

I do believe she is an aspiring model!

You would NEVER think Mallorie just had a baby! You guys are so beautiful!

Dad has his boy; mom has her girl.

Little busy boy!


This was my first family reunion to take pictures at and it was so much fun! I have known some of this crew all my life so it was an easy and comfortable task that I really enjoyed.  There were kids playing in all corners (pool included!) with adults scattered about catching up.   My favorite to watch were the groups laughing at old and new stories; besides that's what reunions are all about.  

I think Bubbles' boys have outgrown her!

Never to old to kiss your dad's cheek
Now that's a proud momma.

Thank God for Grandmas.