Friday, May 2, 2014

It is known as 'America's past time' and a social spectator sport but in a small town for kids it is a place for competing and showing off the hard work they have put in over the last season.  Last year was Gruver's first softball and baseball season, to open the second season they cut the ribbon on a aprx. 2.5 million dollar complex.  After all, we are Texans; go big or go home! All turf and boy are we glad with the windy/dirt blowing baseball months this year! 
It is another place in our little town where people gather and cheer on the youth; I simply love the athletics in a small town and the support kids experience.  Even better, it teaches them hopefully to become supportive adults later. 

Opening day... ribbon was cut, the town showed up, two special individuals threw out the first pitches, the stands were full, the playground equipment was crawling with kids, laughing and smiles everywhere, the future hounds and lady hounds watching wide eyed with anticipation and the hopes of the upcoming seasons... it was a Great Day.  

Graduations are such a fun time yet scary, they mark a new beginning and most definitely change on the rise. Change can be scary because we are creatures of habit and get into our routine and a comfort zone but it is also a  time of excitement; the unknown of what amazing things are coming and that a new world of opportunity is on its way! 
Jessica graduates from OPSU this month and we had SO much fun shooting her pictures.  
Good luck in the next step and all of them after! The world is your canvas... hope you make it beautiful! :) and most of all... CONGRATS!!