Monday, August 31, 2015

Blaine Slough

When you book a 9 month old photo session, there is simply no way to be ready because you never know what you will get. :) 
They may have had a bad morning, no nap, an upset tummy or just plain not ready to take a picture (sometimes they know what mom wants and refuse to do so)
Blaine Slough was none of the listed; he was all boy, all smiles and happy to be wherever the car stopped and we set him! 
Happy photographers come from happy clients because it is our job to catch good moments... thanks Blaine and Kristy for the amazing morning and amazing understanding of having to rebook and work around my crazy life!! 


Little Miss Jacqueline; she is tiny, she is beautiful, she is experiencing newness all the time, she has her dad wrapped up already, she has the biggest and hairiest body guard that will be her best friend for years to come but most of all, she is loved; so very loved! 

sparks and elevator

The Gruver in me, the farmer's daughter in me, the country in me, the pilot in me, the photographer in me... basically all of me loves this moment.  

Broome Proposal

Being a friend is always a good thing but sometimes being a friend with a good camera gets you into some pretty cool stuff :) 
Daniel had it all planned out; go to Dodge City, hang out, go watch Shanendoah (a fave of Kat's and their second date band), the band would call them up as 'winners' of a t-shirt give away and he would take it from there... and boy did he.  The crowd of strangers were either plastered with a smile or crying from the happy surprise of these two strangers up on the stage that so obviously love each other and have found in deed the one to spend their lives with. 
Kat had NO clue what was coming this day and it most definitely ended with a BANG! 
I hope you enjoy the sequence of photos from the occasion.  Oh, and you will see... mom definitely approves :) 


Poppy's Cabin

 Apx. 20 years ago my grandpa bought an unfinished cabin near South Park, CO and this many years later is his most perfect oasis which is pretty awesome because we get to go up and enjoy it.  We never go as much as we want but when the time is found and the trip is made it is always 'just what you need'.  A break from reality, a restful few days, a nice break from the summer Tx weather, little cell signal, tv for the rockies and bronco games, eating... oh so much eating and precious time spent with my Poppy in his most favorite place.  It is special to see people you love in the spot they love most; cool weather that still 'gets a little hot in the afternoon' but a mountain shower usually comes through and cools the air and poppy off. 
I uploaded some of the amazing views, sunsets and little critters from this summer's cabin visit.  

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