Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fun family pictures taken the ONE day we had that was nice in weeks! :) 
Caleb, Arnanda & Aiden! 

50 years of marriage... it's so awesome to have the pleasure to know a couple like this & be raised around them.
they are beautiful inside & out... Meet the Fletchers.
Married when Carolyn was just a senior in high school :)

In my family... They are truly a man's best friend and family as well.
Paulie... my dad's new hunting novice.

These are mine: raylee & austin.

Grandma Maggie :)

A short 10 minute shoot to model a FarmGirl Frosting dress.
10 minutes and SO much fun!
Thanks Cambry for being beautiful :)

I've become quite the wedding attender the past few years... "you're at that age" is what they all say :)
I don't take many wedding photos but this was a special one; these are my neighbors and was held in the beautiful church I grew up in!
Meet the Schibler Family! We love them dearly!

It was a beautiful fall wedding... the decorations were magazine worthy.

Not just a chance for the girls to wear pretty dresses but fabulous shoes!

This is where they sit each Sunday :)